We last worked on a campaign supporting the market promotion and usage of the browser of Internet Explorer 9 in cooperation with Microsoft and Sanoma Media...
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Shift to interactivity and communal communications: brands have to establish dialogues and show a human face to their own consumer base.

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Why us?

Common value,- principle and objective based way of thinking: human relationships have the same drives and marketing communication is heading exactly to the same direction
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Think integrated

In today’s communications space there are countless tools and channels available for the forwarding of marketing messages hence the processes affecting the direction of media-convergence combine more and more different type of tools and communication solutions. Just as humans, who do not exist by themselves but as part of a relational and informational net, so are communicational channels present not by themselves but as components of the communications space. However, it is not the accessible tools and channels, but the target of communications activity, the individual, the human who stands in the focus of integrated communication.


"They are able to think in new approaches and implement them, I like working with them. "
András Mihály Tóth, Microsoft Hungary