How we think

In today’s communications space there are countless tools and channels available for the forwarding of marketing messages hence the processes affecting the direction of media-convergence combine more and more different type of tools and communication solutions. Just as humans, who do not exist by themselves but as part of a relational and informational net, so are communicational channels present not by themselves but as components of the communications space. However, it is not the accessible tools and channels, but the target of communications activity, the individual, the human who stands in the focus of integrated communication. For people each media interface and each communications channel has different role and dissimliar significance, it effects them distinctly and supports them variously in their process of decision making. The key word of integrated communication is relevance. The effective communication solutions with a relevant content and message, in a relevant creative form and through relevant channels make their effects by utilizing the synergies of time, space and tools. In integrated communication there is no above the line and under the line, moreover, we think in reaching points and not in channels and tools. Where are these reaching points? How do they  affect the individual? How do they take effect on each other and what is their most efficient combination? Integrated communication and working with us will give relevant and wholesome answers to these questions.

About us

Calper Communications & Consulting was founded in 2009. Previously, it was operating as an online focusing consulting company but by now it has been extended by agency competence and besides consulting it delivers integrated communication solutions as well.

Our team professionals all agree that the new market conditions and the major shift in communication towards interactivity, digital tools and the increased usage of community interactions all promote the realization of a trend according which brands must create dialogues and must show a human face to their own consumer base.

This communication, based on an altered mentality, should not be realized irrespectively of the conventional communication techniques but in the possibly greatest synergy with them. That’s why we do not believe in self-supportive , independent, ad hoc campaigns. Instead, we believe that you have to build an all-pervading communication activity between the company and the consumers. You have to create a communication content which exceeds the given product and which is about the company and the consumer just as about the human relationship between them.

You need a common value, -principle and target-based way of thinking which they both attribute to themselves, a common language which they both speak. Human relationships have the same drives and as we can see from the movements of trends marketing communication is heading to the same direction. The inreasing popularity of community media, and the successfuly accomplished campaigns by them not only due to the usage of a new communications channel, interactivity and dialogues but to what extent we are able to show our human face in communication..



Zsolt Bósza - Head consultant, partner

Born in 1972, married with 2 children, professional consultant.
He completed his studies in Landler Jenő technical school of IT then in Janus Pannonius University, Faculty of Visual Culture and in Kent Institute of Business and Technology (Sydney) course of marketing and business management. Regarding his professional background he has more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of interactive communication and industry of online media. He started his career in the sales department of Pannon GSM in 1994, in the VIP client sales division. In 1997, he transferred to the sales and marketing department of Euroweb International as a specialist of sales and support of product development and then from 2002 he assisted in the Marketline launch of online solutions of purchase support. In 2004 he started working as an e-commerce advisor in the internet division of Sanoma Budapest Publisher PLC.  From 2006 he was in charge of the online media branch of Interware PLC and then first he became the leader of customer relations and later the leader of the communication divison in Arcus Interactive Group. In December 2009 he founded Calper consulting agency which has since been providing agency services. At present Zsolt coordinates and manages the consultancy work of the company.


In Calper’s team we need open-minded, fresh professionals who are up to date with the daily changes of the business. If you like working with others and you have specific career goals and you are looking for an agency to fulfill them, then write us and we will contact you!