Tasks: Online communication and tool development strategic/creative planning/SEO, strategic planning


The change of economic situation and the narrowing market opportunities in 2010 made Anita Benes fashion designer to introduce changes in her business activity relating to her wedding and distinctive dress designs of the Daalarna brand which resulted in the modification of the brand communication. With our help the previous  business model was reconsidered and we matched the communication of the brand with the retailored approach. As a result, new channels were opened to those customers who mainly prefer personal planning consultations, unique ideas, high-quality products and services to chosing products from catalogues.
We have also planned the selection and involvement of the appropriate platforms due to the inceasing role of the media tools appearing in brand-building and barand-communication. We mainly condsidered this significant in the strengthening of personal relationships and in the maintanance and extension of already existing relationships. Regarding the entrance to community platforms we set customer loyalty and the enhancement of brand passion as primary goals.
During this project, our tasks included the stategic planning of communication , the redesign of website, SEO analysis, - research,- and creating strategy.