Sanoma Media

Tasks: Introduction of IE9 support campaignstrategy, creative and tool-development


Microsoft Hungary commissioned our company to launch the browser of Internet Explorer 9, renewed in 2011, and to plan the campaign supporting the usage of this product. In contrast with the previously conventional media campaigns, we thought along an activity based on partnership cooperation. The basis of this was to create a solution matching a certain content and service which is highly visited and frequently used by target groups and which does not directly place the product in the focus of communication but incidentally, by the usage of the products it provides access to certain functions and contents.
As a result of this conceptional idea, with the involvement of SanomaBudapest a content and tool system, optimized for the knowledge of the Internet Explorer 9 browser, appeared on the sites of Technet, Mobilport and HotDog through which the new users were encouraged to use the new browser.
During the campaign the usesrs could test the html5 version of the webpages ’news’ subcontents which provides an entirely new contentconsuming experience for the readers. For this test, the installation of the new browser of Microsoft was a precondition. The users who viewed the new subpage after installation, could send their opinions to the editors and could share the information with their friends on their own Facebook profiles. Furthermore, a browser user support solution will be available on html5 pages this year which will be designed and developed by our company.