Creative development

We consider advertisment products such usage tools, which the more we tailor to the convinience of the consumers the more succesful they will be. So, even in the planning processes we keep in mind that a given communications solution does not only have to be creative but besides creativity, it also has to possess the balance of content and form. During the planning stage of our projects, in a concept we aim to carry the brand message in the most ideal way, by featuring the proper tools of the given trend. So we do not look for solutions for the plans but we adjust the plans to the solutions in our work. We do all this by thinking together with our clients, by finding unique solutions and by having many years of experience.


Online és offline branding

In our service we provide creation of brand strategies and visual worlds, we maintain existing brands and we deliver, in a relevant and exciting way, the brands essence and key messages through online channels. Beyond these, we give a helping hand in the development of personal brands which are getting more and more significant nowadays.


Channel integration

Most companies attain ( accomplish, do) external communication through multichannels, (Display, SEO, SEM, PPC, SM, e-mail etc.) and offline (TV, Radio, Print, Billboard, Display, POS etc.) and very few are the numbers of those companies which have learnt to handle these channels in an integrated way and take the maximum advantage of it. When these channels are conceptionally built on each other, a maximizable efficiency is accomplished creating better opportunities for the brand and a more effective return of the investment. In the scope of our advisory service we harmonize different channels in accordance with the marketing objectives, as a reult clients can start their productive work from a ready-made base.

Social Media

The spread of social networking services in online media gives companies an opportunity to achieve a more direct, a better targeted, a dialogue based communication.

All in all, in relevance of service, we talk about the change in the customers decision making,  the value increase of personal references, the one-way, from top to bottom communication turning to dialogues and the appearance of customer tribes, respectively about the process how we integrate the company’s communication activity into these media. The area of social media is where we have to address the opinion leaders, and the specific tareget groups by them, whom the company tries to communicate with. This is where we can efficiently  „dip into”, communication with the assistance of community management.

Within the frame of this service we give educative answers to the following questions and prepare personalized action or strategic plan.  

- What do we mean by online community management?
- How does the acticvity fit in the communication disciplines?
- What are the most common negative arguments?
- For whom is online management important? For whom is it not?
- What kind of basic rules does online management have?
- How can you fit all this into the organisation of the company?
- How can you measure online community management?
- And last: how shall we start on it?


Search Engine Marketing

Calper provides services in the areas of both search-optimization (SEO) and advert-search (PPC) and helps clients to reach their proper postion. We appear as partners in the strategical management and evaluation worked out by an analysis based on detailed search.

With our solutions you can significantly support the efficency of your campaigns, you can improve the quality of searches and you can maximize the efficiency of your spendings..

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Based on our analysis we choose the adequate key word and expression source along which you can build the certain contents of SEO, its tools are adjusted to the visibility requirements of the searching drive-engines and we eliminate all technological obstacles which make online content appear without the adequate priority in the result lists.

Search Media advertising (PPC)

We plan and manage click based adverts in both search engines and content networks. For an efficient campaign we compile the list of adequate keywords, we compose the advertising text and for the sake of effective conversion we plan its landing site as well. During the camapign we provide continous monitoring, in the interest of due time interference. After closing we evaluate and provide feedback of the efficiency.



Tool developments

Efficious communication can only be achieved through efficient instrument systems. Our professionaly experienced and highly qualified experts can develop sites which best fit into the solutions planned by us. Should it be a company webpage, a brand or a product site, applications running on mobile or social platforms we will develop them by using the most state of the art and the most adequate technologies..